The kids are having a great time at the Zoo… ?VIDEO

Toddlers can be stimulated and encouraged to visit the zoo, even if they’re just looking and listening from a far. Older children at the zoo can delve deeper into fascinating aspects of animal life, such as what they eat or where they live, by listening to a trainer or watching feedings. While the fun and learning rates are high, it’s still best to limit the trip to the zoo to about two hours, which is the maximum the Munchkins can handle without getting tired or acting up.

Another word to the wise: if possible, take the kids to the zoo when there are fewer people. Your animal lover will have even more fun visiting the zoo if he knows a little about what and who he will meet. Look for books that talk about the creatures that live in the zoo. Watch a kid-friendly animal video and, of course, sing songs about animals and the sounds they make: “Pop, the weasel is coming” and “Down by the Bay”are two proven winner’s time.

If you’ve ever taken your toddler to a children’s circus, remind him of the animals he saw there – he might notice them again! Comfortable walking shoes are a must for your little one. And since zoos have both indoor and outdoor areas (not to mention a cool reptile house and a hot and humid enclosure), dress in layers and pack a jacket and sunhat to keep both of you comfortable no matter the microclimate.