The kids having a great time on the beach… ?VIDEO

The weather is warm and the beaches are inviting. You need some time for self-care, and your kids could use a break too. Fortunately, according to scientific evidence, walking with children on the beach is actually healthy in many ways. Activity releases endorphins, which is why you feel so good after your workout.

Well, exercising on the sand or in the water is an even more intense workout, as the sand is much more difficult to walk on than other surfaces – and of course the water offers resistance. So bring some fun games for the kids to play on the beach, or bring a bunch of buckets for the water bucket relay.

You can even bring a frisbee, soccer ball, soccer ball, volleyball, or ping pong paddles with you. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s a game or sport that will get the kids kicking. And good news for you: they will be so exhausted after a day of playing in the sun that they (and therefore you) will sleep soundly at night.