Adorable baby girl plays with her giant dogs. They are protecting her… ?VIDEO

Dogs are gentle with children and they can form strong bonds with them because of the time they spend together. If you think about it seriously, then both the puppy and the baby share a common interest in playing and exploring the world around them. If your dog and your child grew up together, their bond is inseparable. In addition, the relationship that these two build can be physically and psychologically beneficial for both parties.

Human babies also experience real happiness in the presence of dogs. In recent studies, scientists have observed an increase in serotonin and dopamine levels in children who interact with dogs. There is no reason to deprive human babies of the purest form of love that we receive from our canine friends. We appreciate your efforts to study the psychology and behavior of dogs; here is a quick read to supplement your curiosity. If there is anything that can surpass the cuteness of dogs, it is our children.

Some dogs genuinely love children, and our experts say this bond is fueled by similar worldviews and experiences. Dogs and babies are two entities that look at the world with admiration most of the time. They also share the same desire to have a playmate and someone who showers them with attention. Sounds like a recipe for the perfect friendship, the bond between puppy and child is unmistakably blissful.