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When experts talk about attachment, they are talking about the strong attachment you develop with your child. This feeling makes you want to shower him with love and tenderness or throw yourself under a speeding truck to protect him. Do not worry. Bonding often takes time. As long as you take care of your child’s basic needs and hug him regularly, he won’t suffer if you don’t feel a strong connection with him at first sight.

The bond between parents and children is strengthened over time through daily care. There is no magic formula, but a few things can help with the process. Spend time in skin to skin hugs. Human touch is soothing to both you and your baby, so hold your baby more often and pet him gently.
Talk and sing to him regularly, looking into his eyes and up close to your face. Play with it every day. Newborns can enjoy playing just as much as older children. Your play style may differ from your partner’s, and that’s okay. Your baby will love playing with both of you.

Carry your baby in a sling or carrier for a walk or during daily activities.
Read to your child regularly. Keep it close while you read. Mirror his movements and repeat his coos and other sounds. These are the first steps to communication with him. Talk to your child throughout the day. At first it may seem like you are talking to yourself, but if you continue like this, it will seem more natural.