Pitbull dogs protecting kids… They are best friends. ?VIDEO

Pit bulls look very cute, especially if they are well looked after. With a medium to strong build, short velvety coat and charming manners, these dogs act like fine royalty. Dogs are friends of the most faithful and purest kind. They love humans, species that aren’t even close to their species, more than humans love their own kind. There is something inexplicable about holding a furry dog ​​paw because it feels so fiercely promising and gentle.

Believe it or not, pit bulls are one of the most affectionate and loyal breeds, contrary to popular belief that characterizes them as vicious and threatening. They make perfect and safe pets. The secret is in the training books when it’s time to really explore the reality of what these dogs really are.

Have you ever wondered if these assumptions are true? Are pit bulls vicious? Is there a chance this breed is very misunderstood for what it is? Are these dogs good with small children? Is it safe for children to play with this breed? Find out in this article whether pit bulls are real cuties or absolute bastards!