How adorable is this! Husky is taking care of a newborn baby… ?VIDEO

Siberian Huskies remain very popular pets, and your family may soon have a new member! Naturally, you will have many questions, one of which is, in particular, are Huskies good with children? Huskies are a loving, intelligent, family oriented breed, and with proper care, they will treat a child accordingly. This situation will never be without risk and it is recommended to keep the Husky on a leash and under supervision.

This article is intended to help answer the questions and concerns you have about huskies with children. I will also share some general tips and safety tips that other parents have previously shared. Positive features of the Husky: Husky’s temperament makes them good pets.

Although they look a bit intimidating, Huskies are actually a very friendly breed and it is rare to find a Husky with an aggressive disposition. In addition, Huskies are very sociable. This means that they can easily meet new dogs and strangers for the first time without showing any fear or aggression. They are able to make friends with almost any dog ​​or anyone. Actually, because of this, they make terrible guard dogs.