Military dad surprises his daughters at Church… ?VIDEO

A daughter’s relationship with her father can play a key role in their psychological development. In fact, when fathers are present in their daughters’ lives, girls grow up with a healthy sense of who they are. They are more confident in themselves and have a clearer idea of ​​what they want in life. Learn more about what makes this connection so valuable and how to keep it going from the moment your daughter is born.

Listening is perhaps one of the most important skills a parent must master if they want to have a good relationship with their child. Build your relationship with your daughter by being present, giving her your full attention, and allowing her to trust you without fear of judgment. Pay attention to what they say when you are together. To understand your child on a deeper level, pay attention to their dreams, goals, and fears.

Resist the urge to lecture or correct. Just listen and give them a safe space to share. And most importantly, keep them confident. When your child shares something personal or exposes his soul, do not repeat this story. Breaking their trust will hurt your relationship and decrease the chances that they will share with you again.