The role of fathers in the healthy development of children is great… ?VIDEO

For many fathers, participation in the upbringing of children is complicated by responsibilities at work and the need to financially provide for the family. It’s hard to ignore mortgages, which are sky-high, and jobs, which require a huge investment of time and energy. Our society is slowly recognizing and appreciating the wealth of truly meaningful experiences and opportunities that dads provide for their children.

Active play stimulates very important parts of the brain – the brainstem and cerebellum. Active play, including jumping, running, climbing, swinging and spinning, stimulates the balance organs in the inner ear, brainstem and cerebellum and allows our brain to organize itself so that the body can respond appropriately to gravity and sensory information. It affects our posture, balance, vision and coordination.

Activities that allow a child to play “like apes” are very important from an evolutionary point of view and continue to be important today. In other words, kids need to play the way we used to, before the threats of modern life made play “unsafe” and our fathers reassigned to “other responsibilities.”