Babies try to exercise and workout with their moms… ?VIDEO

Returning to normal fitness after childbirth is not the same for every mom. Whether you’re looking to break into a sweat as soon as things get clear, or you’re struggling to find motivation after giving birth, it’s never as easy as just lacing up your favorite sneakers and doing the same pre-baby workout.

The top priority for every woman after pregnancy is to rebuild her core, pelvic floor, breathing, and posture before diving back into more strenuous exercise. You’ll want to restore that foundation properly so you can safely return to the workouts you love without causing any harm.

When you’re just starting to come back to life, working out with your baby can help you bring physical fitness into your day more easily—you don’t have to babysit! It also brings the two of you incredibly close. Your child can make eye contact with you and exchange positive energy while you make time for yourself.