There’s nothing cuter than a group of babies in Halloween costumes surrounded by pumpkins… ?VIDEO

Your child’s first Halloween is a spooky milestone worth celebrating! So, we’ve put together a few tips on how to make this first Halloween special. Your child may be too small for all the Halloween activities. But there are plenty of things to do with your child to have an awfully good time in October. Your little one will love all the fun and silly activities this fall. Enjoy this Halloween family celebration and create precious memories together.

Your child’s first Halloween costume will be remembered for years to come! There are so many cute baby costumes to choose from. Celebrate the big day in style and choose a costume for a child or a costume for the whole family. Keep those sweet memories by hosting your baby’s first Halloween photoshoot at home! Create a garland or sign that says “Baby’s First Halloween” and take adorable photos with your little one. Another popular photo idea is to put a child in a pumpkin.

Cut off the top of a large pumpkin and scrape out the inside. You can also add some foam to the bottom for a more comfortable seat. Cut out holes for your child’s legs. Then carefully place the baby inside. With the words “My First Halloween” written on a pumpkin with black marker, this Halloween photo idea makes for an adorable keepsake photo!