Newborn twins talking to each other an hour or so after they were born… ?VIDEO

The twins seem to have an intimacy and connection that few other siblings are capable of. And that type of connection can be seen in this viral video! Just an hour after birth, these newborn twins were talking to each other! What a sweet bond these two already have. This precious moment was captured on camera shortly after the birth of the twin girls.

When their parents realized that the girls were having their first “conversation” with each other, they knew they had to write it down. What a sweet, touching scene! And one they can look back on and cherish as their girls get older. Newborn twin girls talk to each other immediately after giving birth.

The darling video has garnered over five million views online and many people have shared the video and commented on the adorable twin girls and their bond. Some people even came up with hilarious conversations that girls could have. “What just happened?” – writes one of the YouTube users. “I don’t know, but suddenly it became very bright!”