Playing outdoors is a brilliant sensory experience for babies and toddlers… ?VIDEO

Outdoor play is fun, exciting and important for children’s learning and development. Here we look at other ways outdoor play is good for your little one. From walking with a newborn in a stroller to riding a baby on a swing. There are plenty of things for kids to do outdoors. They will take advantage of the freedom and space in the open air to scream, jump, run, jump and jump.

Being outdoors is an exciting sensory experience for babies and toddlers. Babies will enjoy breathtaking visuals when you take them for a walk in the great outdoors. Toddlers love the opportunity to explore different spaces and touch natural objects. Leaves, pine cones and puddles are included.

Outdoor play is very important as it gives your toddler the opportunity to look around and learn. While you are having fun with the whole family by taking the kids outdoors and supporting their play, you are also helping their development. What’s more, being outdoors benefits the whole family.