Babies enjoying time with their moms… ?VIDEO

Hearing your baby laugh is one of the most wonderful moments of the first year of life. Whether it’s a giggle or a belly full of laughter, once you hear that sound for the first time, you’ll do your best to hear it as often as possible. If you’re looking forward to your child reaching this milestone, you’re not alone. The sound of children’s laughter is music to the ears of parents and a sign of healthy development.

Find out when to expect your baby’s first laugh, how you can help him detect that sound, and what to do if he doesn’t reach that milestone when expected. Many babies start giggling around 4 months of age. However, you may notice that your child laughed before or after. In fact, according to the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association, the typical range in which babies begin to giggle or laugh is between 4 and 6 months of age 3.

Like any new skill, laughter can take some time to master. But as your child gets older, his laughter becomes more abundant. Also, while there’s no doubt that your baby’s giggles are music to your ears, your little one will likely enjoy the sound, too.