Brother meets newborn sister for the first time! So emotional moment… ?VIDEO

It’s time to welcome the new baby that has been growing inside of you for so many months now! You should be encouraged and excited now that you’ve been through this before, and you’re more confident and calm about the thought of work. You are expecting a birth, but what about your first child?

Will he be happy, or will he have a hard time adjusting, or will he have mixed emotions? In order to ensure a smooth welcome to the new baby, you should prepare your older sibling to meet his younger sibling. The first meeting is important – make sure the child is ready to meet the new addition.

You know from your past experience that childbirth takes time. So make sure you have a grandparent or family member, a close friend or babysitter to look after your child while you are in the hospital. This will reassure the child that the arrival of a new one will not affect his daily routine, and he will still be able to eat his favorite dinner or snack, as before.