Adorable babies’ heart melting reaction to the voice of their mother. They hear for the first time… ?VIDEO

Babies are the most precious beings, because the world seems to them full of wonders. They are amazed by many things as they discover them for the first time. Videos of babies that are heard or seen for the first time are always very touching to watch. Like this video of a baby hearing for the first time, which was posted on Twitter by a good news correspondent.

The reaction of the baby to the voice of the mother will melt your heart. The video was posted on Sunday and has received over 10,000 views so far. In the video, a baby named Jack hears his mother talking to him for the first time. A device is attached to the child’s head. The baby looks simply amazed when he hears his mother’s voice and looks at her in amazement.

At the end, the child smiles at his mother. “In a world filled with such negativity, we need more Jack!” commented a Twitter user. “Well, it made me all day… loving Jack and his mom,” said another. Another person wrote: “What a special moment for this little angel. God bless those who made this possible.”