She has such a powerful voice.This little girl is amazing. ?VIDEO

Seven-year-old Rema Marvanne has become a viral sensation, and for many reasons. One of those reasons is that she has an incredible singing voice. In 2010, she released a version of the gospel song “Amazing Grace” with an accompanying music video. Dressed in an expensive white dress, Rema slowly got out of the car and entered the nearest chapel.

“Amazing grace, how sweet is the sound / That saved a wretch like me / I was once lost, but now I have found / I was blind, but now I see,” sang her quiet but strong voice. She sat down on the wooden bench and continued her angelic performance, astonishing the fans with her impeccable vocals and impeccable performance.

Rema has taken her fans on a journey through a range of serene locations, including a whimsical field with gentle breezes and a beautiful porch adorned with stained glass windows and traditional wicker furniture. Showcasing her vocal power, Rema wowed the audience with a perfect rendition of the words, “It was Grace that taught my heart to fear / And Grace, my fears eased / How precious that grace turned out to be / The hour I first believed in.”