The twin boys speak and gesticulate in their own language… ?VIDEO

There are developmental milestones that parents usually see in their toddlers and they get too excited when their kids reach a certain milestone. From recognizing a mother’s voice to talking and everything in between, it’s all very exciting for parents. Once children learn to stand and walk, parents can’t wait for their children to start communicating with them properly.

A baby’s cry can be interpreted in many ways, and parents keep guessing what the baby is trying to say. Therefore, the study of certain vocabularies may contribute to easier communication between parents and children. Parents often teach their children animal sounds and simple words that can help them better understand their needs, such as when they need food, when they poop or when they’re thirsty.

In most cases, children make up their own words for things, and parents understand their meaning faster by hearing these sounds several times. In the video, mom and dad teach their 15-month-old twin boys some words and review what they have already learned. Boys also communicate using sign language.