Funny and cute babies talking to dogs. ?VIDEO

Researchers at the University of York in the United Kingdom tested two different types of speech in dogs. One type was the normal conversational tone you would use when talking to another adult, with a subject related to person-centered topics. Another was what the researchers called “dog-aimed speech”: the use of exaggerated intonation when talking about things related to dogs, such as treats and walks.

Recordings were used to ensure that the speech being tested was consistent. Two experimenters sat with speakers on their laps that played back recordings of their own voices. A dog on a leash was brought into the room, and the researchers measured how much time it spent looking at each person while the speech was played.

After the end of the recording, the dog was released from the leash and the time spent with each person was measured. The researchers found that the dogs spent more time looking at the person who was talking to the child, and also spent more time sitting with that person after the recording ended.