Nothing is sweeter than a babies’ laugh. Laughing babies are so adorable!!! ?VIDEO

This is one of the great parenting moments you’ve been waiting for – and once you hear your baby’s laughter for the first time, you can’t get enough of the sound, whether it’s laughter, giggles, or full stomach laughter. Your baby has been experimenting with sounds since the first month of life, cooing, gurgling and sighing hoarsely. Laughter is the next step in learning to communicate.

When do children start laughing? Many babies laugh out loud for the first time when they are 3 or 4 months old, although others may take a little longer to share their first laugh. Your baby’s first laugh might be inspired by something as simple as a favorite toy, pet, or person. While these early laughs and giggles are great to hear, they’re also good for your baby—he loves hearing his own voice and seeing how you react to the sounds he makes.

Once he learns how to laugh, your child can laugh “just because” – after all, it’s nice to laugh and it’s such a fun new sound. Plus, with every coo and goo, she learns and practices how to move her mouth and tongue to create different sound effects.