Big brothers and sisters taking care of their baby siblings… ?VIDEO

Older children are part of your growing family history. When you talk about your new baby, make sure the older brother and older sister are part of the story you are sharing with others. Tell your baby about the pregnancy when you tell your friends – you want to make sure they hear about it from you!

If your older child shows interest—and you can—take him or her on a few prenatal visits. This can be a great first step in introducing your little one to their second child. Hearing the baby’s heartbeat or seeing it on an ultrasound will make the birth of a new baby more real and more fun! Make big brother feel special for who he really is. Talk to them often (and proudly) about their upcoming role as big brother or sister.

Refer to the newborn as “your little sister (or brother)” to help him feel involved. Depending on the age of the older child, they may be surprised to learn that babies are not instant, wonderful playmates. This is especially true for toddlers who are just starting to learn all about the world and will need a little instruction on what a child can and cannot do.