Such a precious moment… The sweetest conversation with grandfather ever! ?VIDEO

While many children’s grandparents live far away, others live right around the corner or just a few doors down the hall. Whether kids see their grandparents regularly or only during infrequent visits, there are plenty of ways for kids to stay connected and involved in each other’s lives. It is interesting to note that grandparents are increasingly called upon to help care for grandchildren, whether as primary or partial guardians.

And while this may be good, it can also be a problem. According to AARP, according to the 2000 US Census, about 5.8 million grandparents lived in homes with their grandchildren responsibility for the upbringing of grandchildren. One thing cannot be denied, the relationship between a grandson and a grandparent can have a big impact on a child’s life. Similarly, bonding can have important implications for older relatives. For children, the special attention that many grandparents are willing to give can really change their lives.

The unique kind of love that often exists between grandparents and grandchildren can build their confidence and make them feel special, provide them with a role model and adviser, give them a glimpse into history – both family and the world at large. and perhaps most importantly, give them someone who is always willing to listen. A strong bond between grandparents and grandchildren can also make grandparents feel needed and valued. They often appreciate the attention they receive from their grandchildren. In addition, reading, playing or doing things together strengthens and strengthens the brains of both children and grandparents.