Dogs are truly man’s best friends… Adorable baby meets new Golden Retriever puppy for the first time… ?VIDEO

In this video, a golden retriever puppy can be seen meeting its human cub for the first time. Dogs are truly man’s best friends and that is why they bond with their children from the day they are born. Videos of dogs interacting with their people’s children are always so rewarding to watch.

It’s always nice to see when a puppy meets a baby and they grow up together. For example, this video posted on Instagram shows a golden retriever puppy meeting its human calf for the first time. In the video, the puppy is so excited to meet the baby that he stands on his hind legs. In other frames, the puppy sleeps with the child, and it is simply impossible to look at.

The post received a lot of comments from people who love the cuteness of the dog and the child and said that they will forever remain best friends. “The two cuties are incredibly cute together,” commented one Instagram user. “A golden retriever will tell you that you are not alone in raising children,” wrote another user. Another user wrote: “Beautiful!! They will forever be best friends!”