Are you looking for Cuteness? The sweetest Babies On The Planet… ?VIDEO

Researchers have found that if you look through a collage of pictures and find a cute baby, your brain reacts differently to the picture. A picture of a baby that you think is cute activates the pleasure center in your brain known as the nucleus accumbens.

This causes your body to fill up with dopamine, which is the hormone that makes us feel happy. There are certain features on your child’s face or body that make you feel happy. These attractiveness traits are called child schema or kinder schema. Round and big head: Your baby is born with an almost fully developed brain. This makes the head large in proportion to the body.

Large eyes: Human babies have fully grown eyes at birth. This is the point of attraction for most people. Plump Cheeks: Your child has a high concentration of fat in their cheeks. This concentration peaks when the baby is nine months old. This fat makes your baby not only very cute, but also warms his face while he is still so vulnerable. Small Nose and Mouth: Compared to their large eyes and large forehead, the mouth and nose are still tiny.