This amazing baby surprises his Dad with making coffee all by himself in the morning. ?VIDEO

There are many different things kids can do to celebrate Father’s Day. They may make cards, drawings, or paintings to give to their fathers. They may also help prepare breakfast or lunch for their fathers or do chores around the house to show their appreciation. Toddlers can also spend time with their fathers, playing and enjoying each other’s company.

There are many Father’s Day crafts that a 2-year-old child can make, such as work gloves with handprints and a poem, a hammer with a personalized engraving, a tree with handprints and a quote, a printout for dad on a grill, or a canvas for writing on Father’s Day.

There are many different things to do with toddlers on Father’s Day, depending on what interests the little one. Many families choose to spend Father’s Day outdoors by going camping or picnicking in the park. If the weather isn’t favourable, there are plenty of other activities you can do indoors.

Some museums or zoos offer discounts for fathers on Father’s Day, and many children’s theaters put on special performances. Many fathers also enjoy spending time playing with their children, so using the wide variety of toys available today can be a lot of fun. Board games, puzzles and building blocks are always popular. And finally, no Father’s Day is complete without giving dad a hearty card and delicious treats!