The love between a father and daughter is forever… ?VIDEO

Research has confirmed time and time again that a father plays a unique role in the development of his children’s self-esteem, behaviors, life choices and relationships. “Higher levels of father participation in activities with their children, such as sharing meals, outdoor activities, and helping with homework, are associated with fewer behavioral problems, higher levels of sociability, and better school performance among children and teenagers. writes Dr. Suzanne Le Minestrel in Child Trends Research Report “What contribution do fathers make to children’s well-being?”

When it comes to specific father-daughter relationships, the dad’s involvement has a unique impact. “Fathers have an immeasurable influence on their daughters,” writes Dr. James Dobson in The Complete Reference Guide to Family and Matrimonial Homes.

“Most psychologists believe, and I am one of them, that all future romantic relationships that occur in a girl’s life will be positively or negatively affected by how she perceives and interacts with her father all his life trying to replace him in his heart. If he is warm and caring, she will look for a lover equal to him. If he sees her as beautiful, dignified, and feminine, she will tend to see herself that way.” In practice, the father has the opportunity to demonstrate to his daughter how a pious man treats a woman by setting a plan for her future relationships with men.