Dads are real superheroes for their kids… ?VIDEO

Every girl, from infancy, loves and adores her father and longs for him to be the one she needs. They want warmth, tenderness, a sense of fun, affection, and that he is interested in her and encourages her. The most important thing that a dad can give a girl is the feeling that she is special.

Not his “princess” because of her looks or the fact that she is somehow better than others, and not because she gets high marks or gold medals, but because she is his daughter, and he loves her for that. By the time she is a teenager, she knows that he will do anything and go anywhere to make sure she is safe and taken care of. If she is in need or trouble, he will be there.

Girls who feel this are not selfish, they just have a deep inner contentment. Being a good father is neither dramatic nor heroic; most of the time it’s normal stuff. One great tip is to regularly spend time with dad and daughter: have dinner or go to the movies, just the two of you, but it can be just a trip to the store and a cup of hot chocolate on a Saturday morning.