Funniest moments when babies play with water… ?VIDEO

Splashing in the bath, pouring water from the cups again and again and, of course, swimming! Water games are a huge hit with babies and toddlers and are a great way to distract a fussy toddler with a new activity or just splash around in hot weather.

Want to dive into water play with your child? Here’s exactly what the term means, a few ways to encourage it, and some important safety tips. Grab a few towels and Water Play is a sensory extravaganza as kids can feel wetness, hear splashes, see bubbles and waves, and maybe even taste a few drops.

It’s also a great learning experience: as your budding scientist pours, splashes and laughs, he observes cause and effect, experiments with the exciting liquid properties of water, and learns basic physics (what floats and what sinks).