Adorable Kittens Play in Ball Pit. Their reaction to balloons is so amazing… ?VIDEO

In most cases, a kitten or adult cat can be easily taught that rough play is not acceptable. Follow these tips to make play fun: Play with your kitten at least two to three times a day (ideally 15 minutes) using interactive toys.

These are toys that you move and they chase. The most common interactive toys are rod type toys with feathers attached to a long rope, stick toys with a long narrow piece of cloth attached to a rod, and cat laser lights. Keep in mind that when cats play, they think they are hunting, so move the toy as if it were prey, moving it away from the kitten or across their field of vision.

Sometimes the most fun part of playing for a kitten is when the toy doesn’t move and they start chasing it and then pounce. Establishing a post-play feeding routine will help your kitten relax after eating and get him out of play mode.