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During the weekend of April 11-14, eight regional championships were held in the United States, in which athletes of the 9th and 10th levels took part. These Tier 9 and Tier 10 athletes have arrived to qualify for the prestigious Tier 9 East/West Championships and Tier 10 JO National Championships. To view our post on the Tier 9 Western Qualifiers, click here. To view our publication on the JO National Qualifiers, click here.

Level 9 gymnasts at regional championships are broken into 16 age groups: juniors 1–8 and seniors 1–8, with the top 7 in the all-around advancing to the JO Nationals if a gymnast scores 34.00 points in the all-around. Gymnasts who take 7th place will also be eligible to participate in the Eastern Championship. If a region fails to fill all 7 spots, the remaining spots will be rewarded based on the results of the regional team in the East last year.

Below are the qualifiers for the 2019 Tier 9 East Championship from each region in each age group. Please note that the places to fill are not official and have not yet been determined by USA Gymnastics, therefore are not marked. This list of qualifiers is unofficial and is based on regional rankings and results. The points next to the gymnast’s name and club are the all-around she received at regional competitions.