The Power of Music. A herd of cows enjoys a little girl’s serenade on accordion… ?VIDEO

Grace Lehane, a young accordionist from Ireland, calls her cows with a catchy tune! Children come up with the most unusual ideas. If your child decides to play the accordion for a herd of cows, why not?! Cows deserve a song or two and this little girl from Ireland is more than happy to play for them.

You will be amazed by the fact that the cows really enjoyed it. In 2017, an Irish farmer named Denis Lehane from Kilmichael Cork shared touching footage of his daughter which received over two million views. She is an adorable little kid and it’s really inspiring how her parents shared their love of animals with her. Dressed in a floral dress, Grace sits on a chair behind a fence.

At first it seems that he is playing on an empty field. Then the cows suddenly appear and soon the whole herd approaches Grace to attend the concert. Denis is the one filming it all and you can hear him laughing and saying “They liked it, give them another tune!” Grace happily agrees and plays another round. Surprisingly, the cattle turned out to be the most adequate audience.