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Let It Be is the twelfth and final studio album by The Beatles. Released in May 1970, most of the songs were recorded in January 1969, before the recording of the Abbey Road album. In January 1969, The Beatles decided to create a full-length film chronicle of their studio work and release it simultaneously with the next album and a book of similar content. The name of this complex project was the song “Get Back” composed by Paul.

The musicians pursued two main goals – to recreate on the screen the atmosphere and atmosphere of ease, characteristic of their concerts of the early 60s at the Cavern Club, and to demonstrate to the public that the quartet is still a single and healthy creative organism. Neither one nor the other goal was achieved, because in fact it was not so.

During January 1969, cameramen filmed many kilometers of film, the musicians recorded more than a hundred songs in the same period [source not specified 2536 days], of which only a few were later released on records. The final episode of filming was an impromptu concert, which the group staged on January 30 on the roof of the recording studio building.

The Beatles performed (and recorded) five songs: “Get Back” (two versions), “Don’t Let Me Down”, “One After 909”, “I’ve Got a Feeling” and “All I Want Is You” (later called “Dig a Pony”). The concert, which lasted about 40 minutes, was attended by Billy Preston, who performed the keyboard parts. But the performance was stopped by the police, who were called by the residents of neighboring houses. This mini-concert, as it turned out, was the last performance of the group.