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The psychology of raising twins and twins. Presented by Dr. Cathy Wood, Senior Lecturer and Clinical Psychologist at Swinburne University of Technology, who specializes in twin and family relationships.

My interest in twins has spanned my entire life since I was born the younger brother of identical twins. I grew up always trying to divide and conquer this very tight twin dynamic, but it never worked. This prompted me to try to understand what I was struggling with and to devote most of my professional career as a psychologist to understanding twins from a family perspective.

My first work with twins began as a researcher in a large Australian twin study led by Professor David Hay. More recently, as a clinical psychologist, I have specialized in the observation of twins and their families. Through my personal experience (pictured above, I am among my twin brothers), combined with my work with families that have twins, I have been able to look at twin dynamics under a microscope and understand what it means to be a double or a higher order multiple.