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Boogie-woogie is a swing dance form closely related to the music genre of the same name. The term boogie-woogie is confusing; the dance can be danced to a style of music called boogie-woogie, but is most commonly danced to various styles of rock music. The name was taken due to the fact that the rock and roll name used in competitive dance was already taken by a highly acrobatic dance form.

Boogie-woogie as a competitive dance is a led rather than choreographed dance, and may contain acrobatic elements, but not as in acrobatic rock and roll. Restrictions on antennas in European countries are different, but a strong Lindy Hop influence, they cannot be completely excluded from the dance. Basically couples have to maintain some contact during acrobatics. This rule helps to avoid moves like double/triple somersaults and the like. A common step variation is a six-beat dance pattern, usually labeled “triple step, triple step, step, step”, with the words “step” taking up a whole beat and the “three” and “ple” parts together. taking one hit.

“Triple” forms a syncopated step, where “ple” is usually somewhat behind the middle between beats, which is consistent with the syncopated music used in boogie-woogie. In parts of Europe, boogie-woogie is mostly danced as a social dance. In others, it is mostly a form of competition. It is mentioned in Madonna’s hit single “Music” as a type of dance.