Grocery Shopping With Six Kids… ?VIDEO

You can shop with your baby and buy everything on your list. Here’s how to go to the grocery store with a child. So, you have decided to go grocery shopping with your child. Wait! Before you change your mind, know that you have it.

A quick trip through the grocery store can feel like a marathon with a toddler in tow, so we’ve rounded up our favorite tips for keeping your child safe and comfortable while you get the job done. That’s how to go shopping with a child! Don’t put the car seat on the cart.

Once you and your helper have made it to the store, it’s time to decide where to store their car seat. You’ve probably seen other infant carrier carts upstairs (those loops on the grocery cart aren’t for that). It may seem safe at first, but a grocery cart cannot safely support a car seat. When the car seat is on top, the trolley’s center of gravity shifts and both can tip over.