Mother of 3 boys finding out the 4th is a girl!!! ?VIDEO

When one child after another of the same sex appears in a family, it may seem that they will probably never know what it is like to raise a child of the opposite sex. But sometimes all that waiting pays off. Especially for a single parent who is much smaller, like this mom of three boys, the build-up of anticipation of gender disclosure is probably almost unbearable.

The mother-to-be gathered her little family in the backyard, and even her boys couldn’t contain their excitement. The boys drummed on a box of balloons that revealed the gender of their little brother or sister. Understandably, my mother was very nervous. Will it be another boy? “I don’t know if I’m ready,” she joked before the boys burst into the box.

As soon as the signal was given, the excited boys began to dismantle the strategic packaging … Looking inside and seeing pink balloons, one of the sons exclaimed: “It’s a girl!” The mother thought he was joking, unable to believe that after three sons she was finally pregnant with a daughter.