Such a heart warming moment. Dogs Go Crazy For Baby Girl Coming Home! ?VIDEO

Many dogs perceive babies as strange, unfamiliar creatures who suddenly find themselves in the spotlight. The new paradigm, including unfamiliar smells, sounds, and actions that accompany an infant, can be confusing for your dog. The change may cause him to behave in strange and unusual ways.

It may jump, bark, whine, chase its tail, or become aggressive – growl, growl or snap. Your understanding and patience are vital in order for your puppy to learn to develop tolerant relationships with the babies he comes into contact with. Babies bring all sorts of new and sometimes enticing scents to the dog world. Their sounds and movements are also attractive to dogs, who can show an energetic curiosity about what’s going on.

Your dog may explore the unfamiliar through smell, touch, and vocalizations, and may also express his enthusiasm and excitement by going crazy in the presence of an infant. An infant who responds with increased sounds or movements may only make the situation worse and continue the cycle.