His performance gives everyone goosebumps!!! Very extraordinary… ?VIDEO

Marcin Patrzalek, known as Marcin, is a Polish percussion fingerstyle guitarist, composer and producer. He is known for combining fingerstyle, percussive guitar techniques with contemporary electronic and orchestral productions. He first gained popularity in 2015 after winning the ninth edition of the Polish talent show Must Be The Music, the prize for which was PLN 100,000 and an additional PLN 100,000 for promotion . his music on the Polish radio station RMF FM. In early 2020, it was announced that Marchin had signed an exclusive recording deal with Sony Music affiliate Sony Masterworks, with 2 singles soon to follow. He is currently working on his major label debut album.

After gaining more international recognition through his videos and talent show appearances, Marcin toured several countries and continents in 2018 and 2019. In 2019, he auditioned for season 14 of America’s Got Talent. During the judges’ round, he was one of seven contestants who successfully advanced to the live round but were ultimately eliminated in the semi-finals. His performances expanded his audience and led to the signing of an exclusive contract with Sony Masterworks, a division of Sony Music. At the moment, two singles have been released under the imprint: “Moonlight Sonata” and “Snow Monkey”.

Both tracks were produced by Marcin and include additional contemporary electronic elements. The former quickly became one of Patrzalek’s most popular releases, with influences uncharacteristic of his previous work and fingerstyle guitar in general. During the coronavirus pandemic, he amassed hundreds of thousands of social media followers on Instagram and TikTok thanks to his heightened activity. Marchin is said to be working on his major label debut.