The smartest 2 Years Old baby on earth ever!!! ?VIDEO

Baby Veronica might just be the smartest baby on earth. From politics to pop culture to bedtime stories, this babe tells dozens of facts she remembers after dinner. Aside from her adorable voice and irresistibly plump cheeks, Veronica is more than sweet – her intelligence and focus are truly impressive! But Veronica doesn’t just list facts; she also portrays celebrities such as Cool Aid Man, Michael Jackson and rapper Lil Jon.

First, Mom asks her questions like “Who is the President?” and “Who is the vice president?” to which Veronica easily replies. She then asks about iconic characters such as Homer, Borat, and others. Of course, mommy should ask her favorite question: “How much do you love mommy?” Each question and answer is more adorable than the previous one!

“I made this video about my daughter a few days after her 2nd birthday,” Mom writes in the caption to the video. “That’s just a small part of what she knows.” Mom had no idea that the video will shoot! The video now has over 26 million views. “I made this video to send to an out of state family so they can see her and her charming personality. She loves to perform. I had no idea that so many people would be interested in seeing my baby!”