Adorable moment!!! Grandpa finds out newest grandchild is a boy after several generations of only girls… ?VIDEO

It’s the delightful moment when a grandfather finds out that his new grandson is actually a boy after being the only male for generations. After meeting his third grandson for the first time in Breeze, Illinois, USA, James Patrick is about to receive an unforgettable gift on the morning of his 49th birthday.

With two sisters, four daughters and two granddaughters, James has come to terms with being the only male after being told he is on his way to meet another girl, his third granddaughter. However, all was not as it seemed when his daughter, Cary Elbe, pulled back the baby blanket to reveal a T-shirt that read “FYI: I’m a boy!” Confused at first, James soon yelled “No way” as the penny finally dropped, before calling his entire family “brats” while wiping away tears.

Carey was relieved that the nine-month-old secret was finally out and said, “Dad was the only boy in a long line of girls, so when we found out the baby’s gender at 20 weeks, we knew we had to keep it from him. “The problem was that our daughter, who is four years old, already knew about it, so we had to talk her into keeping it a secret.