Gorgeous dancers take to the stage and continue to make everyone scream with their routine…?VIDEO

Kokki is an Italian dancer who specializes in Latin American dances. According to Wikipedia, he is a 10-time undefeated latino dance champion along with his partner Zagoruychenko. The pair rank first in the world in professional Latin. Kokki began dancing when he was only 6 years old at his parents’ dance studio.

Kokki and Zagoruychenko recently won their 5th consecutive National Professional Latin Dance title at the US Open Dance Competition. They dance in shows around the world and have been performing at Dance Legends in New York City since 2012. Cocchi also teaches when not performing. Zagoruychenko is from Russia and has been doing Russian folklore dancing since the age of 4, according to Wikipedia. By the age of 11, she was teaching other children to dance to earn money and gave that money to her parents.