Telling Parents about Pregnancy… with Twins! Surprising moment…?VIDEO

Is it time to announce a twin pregnancy? Are you ready to announce to everyone the big news that you are pregnant. Now you have big news! You are pregnant not with one child, but with several! It’s like finding out you’re pregnant again! So we asked our community for some creative ways to announce that you have twins or more.

Twin pregnancy announcement on t-shirt. Many parents love it when their child/children break the news with a t-shirt announcing they are going to be big siblings. There are many designs available for twins on etsy and other t-shirt stores. Our favorite giraffes from Zoe’s attic. Do you want to make your own shirt or remake your older sibling’s regular shirt? It’s easy and inexpensive.

All you need is fabric paint and a brush or stamp. Twin mom Kassandra said: “We sewed our 2.5-year-old a shirt with ‘big brother’ written on it and two hearts on the back. It took a while for everyone to notice and we had to explain the 2 hearts on the back.”