Brilliant, as always! She is just amazing! Great dance!?VIDEO

Electric Swing Circus is a six-piece electro swing band based in Birmingham, England. The line-up includes Vicki Olivia, Fe Salomon, Tom Hyland, Rashad Gregory and Patrick Reford. The Electric Swing Circus formed in June 2011. The band’s pre-EP Penniless Optimist was released in September 2011 and their debut album Electric Swing Circus was released in May 2013. They released their second album It Flew By in January 2017.

Electric Swing Circus played their first live performance at the Book Club on September 17, 2011. The band also recorded a video for “Penniless Optimist”, which was filmed at Boxxed by Realm Pictures. In October 2011, Penniless Optimist was remixed by C@ in the H@ and Sam Redmore. Penniless Optimist was broadcast on BBC Radio 6 on The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show.

The video for Penniless Optimist was also shown on BBC big screens across the country. At the December 2011 ElectroSwing People’s Favorite Awards, The Electric Swing Circus received the award for Best Live Performance in December 2011. Electric Swing Circus is a residence at the Hot Club de Swing, a Hare and Hounds evening club in Birmingham.