Brother is singing for his little baby sister… So touching…?VIDEO

The birth of a second child is exciting, but nerve-wracking. It’s unnerving in a different way than bringing home your first child. Parents are confident in their skills in handling their newborn child as they have done before, but now they are bringing their new child home to their previously only child and older sibling.

They don’t like having a brother or sister steal attention? Will an older sibling love and care for their newborn sibling? Parents will never know the answer to these questions until they bring home a second child. Parents hope that their first child will be a loving and caring older brother for the newborn. Every parent has heard stories of early children throwing tantrums and being violent towards their new siblings.

Parents always hope that this will not be the story of their family. This older brother is still young himself, but he already knows that he must be gentle and loving to his younger sister. Not only does he tell his little sister that he loves her, but he also sings it to her. He created his own tune to sing to his sister how much he loves her. His younger sister can’t take her eyes off her older brother.