One of the best moments… Surprise gender reveal party.

A gender party is a festive event held during pregnancy, where the gender of the unborn child is revealed. This is also possible because modern medicine offers several ways to find out the biological sex of the fetus long before birth. A gender party is often combined with a baby shower. During this event, visitors give gifts to future parents.

The disclosure of the gender of the unborn child is the culmination of the festive event. Often, the parents themselves do not know the sex of the fetus, and a third party informs about this during the holiday, having previously agreed with the parents. Gender disclosure may take the form of quizzes or duels between the “pink” and “blue” teams.

Or the floor is revealed in other ways, such as cutting the cake, popping balloons, confetti, opening a piƱata, colored smoke, and other methods. Pink light indicates a girl, blue indicates a boy. In addition to flowers, other explicit gender stereotypical attributes are used. For example, the association of a boy with weapons, sports, equipment, and girls with jewelry, flowers, cosmetics.

For the first time, gender parties began to be held in the United States in the late 2000s. At the same time, their popularity increased greatly by the end of the 2010s, to no small extent this was facilitated by social networks such as YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. Most often, such events are held by representatives of the white middle class in the United States.