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“The Specter” is a song by Norwegian record producer and DJ Alan Walker featuring uncredited vocals from Norwegian songwriter and producer Jesper Borgen. It was written by Jesper Borgen, Alan Walker, Markus Arnbeck, Mood Melodies and Lars Christian Rosness, produced by the latter four, with lyrics written by all the composers as well as Tommy La Verdi and Gunnar Greve.

The song was released by Mer Musikk on September 15, 2017. “The Specter” is a vocal remake of Walker’s 2015 single “Spectre”, which was released on NoCopyrightSounds on January 6, 2015. On December 22, 2016, Walker debuted the song during a live performance of “Alan Walker is Heading Home” in his hometown. Bergen, Norway. He included the song in his live performances a few months prior to its release, and also played a revised version of the song on the main stage of Tomorrowland Belgium 2017.

In an interview with Dance Music Northwest, Walker described the song as “newer version of my old Specter song” similar to “what I did with ‘Fade’ before ‘Walker said of the song in a press release: “The reaction and feedback from people has been truly amazing, I’m very happy that it’s now officially released. This is a song that I specifically want to dedicate to my core fans who have been following me since the beginning.”