This should not be considered as a “child performance” because when you see this dancing couple, you can swear they are adults…

This should not be considered a “child performance” because when you see this dancing couple in action, you can swear they are adults. How elegant are these two? MARVELOUS! Ruby and Jonas are two young ballroom dancers who met less than a year ago at Ruby’s parents’ dance studio in Miami, Florida. It seems that dancing is a family tradition of little Ruby, and this is not surprising. After that fateful and life-changing meeting, Ruby and Jonas danced together for five years when they first appeared on TV.

Since their first appearance, Ruby and Jonas have achieved outstanding success and today you can even see them on NBC’s World of Dance on Wednesdays and they are amazing. You can certainly imagine how much more practice and performance they have received since their participation in Episode 818 “America’s Got Talent”.

Here you can listen to Ruby and Jonas’ boogie-woogie to Bruno Mars’ fantastic hit “Runaway Baby”. It’s an absolutely dazzling display of poise, athleticism, and synchronization—pretty much even for youngsters. Just look at the video below.

For my fellow audiophiles and music lovers: As you know, “Runaway Baby” was written and performed by Bruno Mars for his debut studio album Doo-Wops & Hooligans in 2010. It tells about a playboy who is ready to break the heart of every woman. Its lyrics are perfect for a Ruby and Jonas dance number. Instrumentally, the track is based on snaps of fingers, police sirens, handclaps and squeaky guitar parts.