Grandma gets emotional surprise when meets granddaughter for the first time…?VIDEO

This mother and her 5-month-old travel from Los Angeles to Wenatchee, Washington at the last minute to see Grandma Debbie for Mother’s Day so she can meet her granddaughter for the first time. When they arrived in her neighborhood, they called her through tango and pretended to be at home just walking around. They continue to talk to her normally, meanwhile making their way to her house. Grandma Debbie is so touched and speechless that tears of joy well up when she holds her granddaughter in her arms for the first time!

Not surprisingly, geographic proximity is one of the strongest predictors of close relationships between grandparents and grandchildren. This may be beyond the control of some grandparents, although some have shown a willingness to move to be closer to their grandchildren.

Another way to develop intimacy is to visit often if possible. But the health and financial situation of some grandparents may limit travel. Geographical distance is not so important for grandparents who are in good shape, healthy and can financially afford frequent visits to their grandchildren.