A chicken named Jokgu with a talent for the piano wows the judges of America’s Got Talent!!!

In what must have been one of the most memorable episodes of season 12 of America’s Got Talent, a chicken garnered everyone’s attention by playing the keyboard in front of a screaming audience. In Episode 1, held in front of a live audience in May 2017, contestants Seiri Aria and Shannon Myers took the stage with a very unusual partner. The surprise guest was a brown chicken, securely wrapped in a towel and pressed against Shannon’s chest.

The duo told an astonished jury and an equally wide-eyed audience that their smart chick Jokgu would play “America Is Beautiful” on keyboards. “America the Beautiful” is a melodic tribute to America’s purple mountain majesties, Pikes Peak in Colorado. However, when Jokgu was placed in front of a miniature keyboard and music played over the sound system, nothing happened.

Not only did the chicken not hit the keys, she went about her “chicken business”, turning around and pecking out her feathers every now and then. The judges stared helplessly at the strange performer on stage as his owners prodded him in a seemingly futile attempt to get him to start playing. It seemed that the world immediately collapsed.