Baby Confused By MOM and Identical TWIN Sister…

For babies, the world is a completely new, confusing and often overwhelming place. If learning how to navigate life by trying to recognize and remember the objects around you wasn’t stressful enough, just imagine how frustrating it would be if you couldn’t pinpoint who your parent was.

No matter how hard this little boy tried, he simply could not distinguish his mother from two identical women. The new mom and her twin sister now know not to be in the same room with their son because it’s too confusing. In the footage that went viral, we see the poor nugget go on a rampage.

This is because no matter who is holding him, he thinks that the other person is his mom. In the adorable video, filmed by a member of the sisters’ family, we see the baby being passed from one twin to the next. As soon as he settles in the arms of one woman and sees another, he begins to cry. Then he holds out his hands to the other, and the two giggle and try to calm him down.