The Judges Fall In Love With Elli Rowe voice… She is absolutely talented.

American Idol continues its search for top audition singers for its 20th season. One new member, Ellie Rowe, enters the stage. The singer-songwriter is very talented and enthusiastic about Idol. Find out more about her below ahead of her March 20 debut. 5 facts about Ellie Rowe from American Idol. She traveled a lot. Copenhagen, Paris, London, she was everywhere! But she’s actually been to Paris a couple of times, at least according to her social media. The first time was in 2018. She then rode again in 2019. Italy is another place she has visited. In addition to singing, she plays the guitar. Yahoo! revealed that she played the original song for her audition. This means that the judges are not only looking at her vocals, but also judging her lyricism.

She is 19 years old and grew up in Rochester, Minnesota. Rochester is just over an hour from Saint Paul, Minnesota’s capital. But now she lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She is currently in her second year at Belmont University. She is very close to her family. Her parents are very supportive of her singing aspirations. They even played judges for her idol performances, which she put on when she was younger. Now it looks like her dream is coming true!